Gas Co Negligence Alleged to Have Caused Marine InjuryPrivate Carlos Tinoco and eleven other Marines were severely injured when their amphibious assault vehicle struck a gas line at Camp Pendleton on September 12, 2017. This horrific tragedy occurred as the Marines were training for deployment to Afghanistan.

Our lawyers at A&T filed suit in Federal District Court in San Diego alleging that the explosion and burn injuries were the result of a failure to properly place and mark gas lines at the base in violation of base procedures and California Public Utilities Commission rules.

We are working with one of America’s foremost gas pipeline experts who is also a Marine veteran.

We have discovered clear failures of the gas company to meet the “Natural Gas Requirements” of Camp Pendleton. All gas lines are required to be safe for Marines training at the base. Underground lines are to be buried at a safe depth, deep enough to avoid a collision with a surface vehicle, while above ground pipes and components are required to be primed and marked so that Marines can see them. The non-compliant gas line was an accident waiting to happen for Marines as they were training to serve our country—an accident that could have been prevented if proper procedure had been followed.