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BSA Affirmation Order and Statement of Anne Andrews, founder of Coalition of Abused Scouts for Justice

By March 28, 2023March 31st, 2023No Comments

Almost 3 years ago, I formed the coalition called Abused Scouts for Justice to realize the goals of 72,000 survivors that the United States District Court in Delaware affirmed today.



We negotiated during a worldwide pandemic, and against all odds, history was made today by the court’s ruling. The plan compensates survivors with $2.5 billion of funding and allows Boy Scouts to continue with a Safe Scouting program. The first of its kind in history to protect youth. As you know, the court entered the affirmation order, and my reading of Judge Andrews’ opinion is it was a full affirmation, extremely well written, and documented in law and fact. It will stand as a record for the largest settlement in the history of sexual abuse. We are very proud that our Safe Scouting program was confirmed by the plan.

We want to congratulate those that worked so hard to ensure justice for survivors who suffered for so long and are now vindicated and applauded for the courage in coming forward as they did. Now the goal is to fund the plan at the earliest possible moment and start compensating our clients as fast as is practical. We want them to have closure and peace as much as possible.