About Our Firm

We are pleased to announce our new firm name!



Andrews Thornton Higgins Razmara has over thirty years of legal experience to apply to your case!

Andrews Thornton Higgins Razmara is a leader in pharmaceutical, medical device and dietary supplement litigation prosecuting groundbreaking lawsuits in State and Federal District Courts. Anne Andrews and John Thornton have earned a national reputation as effective mass tort advocates and have been asked to participate with mass tort leadership in California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Minnesota. The firm has effectively represented clients harmed by dangerous drugs and devices making substantial contributions to multi-district and state-coordinated litigations:

  • In re Vioxx (MDL 1657) – $51 million verdict against Merck. Andrews Thornton Higgins Razmara presented the scientific evidence to a panel of the nation’s foremost cardiologists.  All seven agreed that Vioxx was unreasonably dangerous.  Two of the experts’ testimonies at trial were decisive in the victory.
  • In re: New England Compounding Pharmacy, Inc.(Chapter 11) – $220 million settlement
  • In re: Biomet M2A Magnum Hip Implant(MDL 2391) – $56 million settlement
  • In re: Ephedra Products Liability Litigation(MDL 1598)

In 2016, Andrews & Thornton expanded to include two new partners: Sean Higgins and Lila Razmara. Both began their careers at Andrews & Thornton as law clerks, Sean in 2009, while Lila started in 2005. Sean and Lila have both been instrumental in facilitating settlements for clients, including a confidential settlement for Quinine clients after years of litigation, almost over 50 million dollars. They were also both actively involved in the New England Compounding Company Pharmacy litigation, where the bankruptcy court approved a settlement of over 200 million dollars. Sean now leads the dietary supplement division of the firm while Lila leads the pharmaceutical and medical device division.

In addition to two new partners, Andrews Thornton Higgins Razmara has expanded to two associates: the talented Lauren Davis and Brian Nguyen. Both are graduates of the University of California, Irvine School of Law. Lauren was instrumental in the groundbreaking NECC litigation and works closely on all litigations. Brian is the newest addition and has been diligently working on upcoming litigations, WEN and Bravelle which will prove to be groundbreaking.