All metal-on-metal hip implant systems suffer from the same defective design.

In July 2012 the FDA announced STRYKER ORTHOPEADICS had voluntarily stopped marketing and recalled its REJUVENATE MODULAR HIP SYSTEM ®, including the REJUVENATE MODULAR ® and the ABG-II ® modular hip stems.  The REJUVENATE MODULAR and ABG-II hip stems were recalled because of ongoing reports of fretting and/or corrosion of the hip stem causing pain, swelling, tissue damage requiring removal and replacement of the hip implant.

Common symptoms of defective metal-on-metal hips include:

  • An explant or revision of the original implanted hip
  • Pseudo-tumors
  • Loosening of the implant
  • Dislocation
  • High levels of cobalt, chromium, titanium or any other metal in your blood
  • Significant residual pain
  • Significantly impaired mobility
  • Significant swelling
  • You had the hip implant replaced or have been advised the hip implant needs to be replaced
  • You had a pseudo tumor at the hip

These other hips are made by the manufacturers BiometDepuyHowmedicaSmith & Nephew, StrykerWrightZimmer, and others.

For more than 30 years the Andrews & Thornton team of experienced attorneys have successfully obtained compensation for individuals injured by defective, dangerous medical devices and unsafe drugs.  We proudly used this experience to help those injured by defective hip implants.