Construction on the Red Hill Fuel Storage Facility began in the early 1940’s. The Red Hill facility’s primary purpose is to provide fuel to support U.S. military operations from all branches of the military in the Pacific Ocean. The fuel storage facility is made up of 20 steel-lined underground storage tanks capable of holding 250 million gallons of fuel. The tanks are located 100 feet above the Southern O‘ahu basal aquifer, which is the main drinking-water source for O‘ahu.

In November 2021, 14,000 gallons of fuel leaked out of the storage tanks and contaminated the drinking water for thousands of O‘ahu residents who are connected to the Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam water system. There are reports of a 1,600-gallon leak in May 2021, a 27,000-gallon leak in January 2014. It is estimated that over 180,000 gallons of fuel have leaked out of the Red Hill facility since its creation.

The Navy’s efforts to remediate the spill are still underway; however, it is extremely unlikely that the Navy will take the action necessary to permanently fix the issues and undo the damage it has caused.

Andrews & Thornton has partnered with local attorneys Jim Bickerton, Bridget Morgan-Bickerton, and Wayne Parsons to fight on behalf of those affected by this public health crisis. Thousands of Hawai‘i residents have been sickened by the spill and remain either displaced from their homes or stuck in homes without clean water due to financial limitations.

If you suffered these injuries from fuel contamination in your water supply, Andrews & Thornton may be able to help:

  • Personal Injury
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Uninhabitable Residence
  • Loss Wages
  • Personal Property Loss
  • Additional Incurred Expenses (Water, Food, Laundry, Gas, etc.)

We will work to help you and your family receive compensation for your injuries and have your community remediated and made safe.