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The lawyers for USP Labs, the maker of the dangerous dietary supplements OxyElite Pro® and Jack3d®, brought a motion before the Judicical Panel of Multidistrict Litigation to get all federal actions consolidated under a single judge in Pennsylvania or Texas. Andrews and Thornton filed opposing briefs and Anne Andrews argued before the panel on March 27, 2014. The panel agreed with Ms. Andrews that the two supplements had different ingredients and injuries and could not be efficiently coordinated by a single judge.

As part of the USP Labs strategy, it brought motions to stay (halt all positive work) by the courts until the panel ruled. We are happy to announce that with this ruling, the stay against our clients’ cases will be lifted so that we may continue to fight to achieve full and fair recoveries.

The litigation is still young. This procedural maneuvering has cost a great deal of time, but it appears it is now behind us.