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Samsung and AT&T advertise the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phone as being capable of underwater use and, more specifically, of being waterproof up to one meter below water for periods of time up to 30 minutes. However, numerous consumers are complaining that the phone lacks this capability. After following all directions for use, consumers are finding that the phone suffers water damage even in water conditions less extensive than those advertised by Samsung. This design flaw, when paired with a warranty that does not cover water damage, cuts against the marketing claims of this “whatever-proof” smart phone. When consumers complain to Samsung, they are offered a refurbished phone—sometimes even a refurbished phone that was previously water damaged.

A highly publicized advertisement claims the phone is “whatever-proof”:

AT&T introduces the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: a puddle-proof, celebration-proof, kitchen-proof, surprise-proof, prank-proof smart phone.

Not only are Samsung’s phones not living up to justifiable consumer expectations, but Samsung’s solution to consumers is to give them used phones—not a refund and not a brand new phone.

Feel free to reference this article for further insight into the flaws of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

If you or a loved one purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active that failed under water please contact us for a free case evaluation at or toll free at 1-800-644-1734. You may be eligible to serve as a class action representative.