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Drugs are supposed to heal – not harm

Andrews and Thornton understands that most Americans are concerned that:

  • The pharmaceutical industry spends more on promotions than research
  • Drug companies fight to keep a drug on the market even though there are safer and less expensive alternatives available

Specialized Attorneys

Just because your doctor prescribes you a drug does not mean you cannot be the victim of an unreasonably dangerous drug.

You need attorneys who understand the special world of drug, supplement and device litigation. Through successful litigations against companies that made harmful products, Andrews &Thornton has obtained compensation for injured consumers.

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Helping Military Families Obtain Recovery In Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy

We are representing veterans who were prescribed Purdue Pharma branded opioid drugs and developed dependence (such as OxyContin, MS Contin and Dilaudid).  Most prescribed opioid dependence began with treatment of…

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Breaking News: Purdue Files for Bankruptcy

Opioid Crisis is an existential threat to the American way of life. It has impacted families in a way that is blind to status, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or any other classification. It has ravaged communities, large and small. Join the fight of individual victims of the Opioid Crisis to make the pharmaceutical industry pay for what they did.

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Five individuals and two companies pleaded guilty to felony charges in connection to the sale of OxyElite Pro, a dietary supplement that caused liver injuries. USPLabs and its officers were…

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