Childhood sexual abuse has been a persistent issue in religious organizations for decades. These instances of sexual abuse stem from a variety of shortcomings by these religious entities—particularly their failure in hiring and supervising individuals, but also in failing to investigate accusations of abuse. Sadly, religious organizations have lacked the ability to protect the youth in their organization. If you, or someone you know, were abused by a clergy member you may be eligible for a claim against the religious entity.

Andrews & Thornton is investigating claims of abuse perpetrated by members of the following organizations:

  • Baptist Church
  • Catholic Church
  • Lutheran Church
  • Mormon Church
  • Christian Church
  • Methodist Church

The attorneys at Andrews & Thornton are well-versed in sexual abuse claims. Andrews & Thornton have represented thousands of sexual abuse survivors and have the knowledge and resources to help bring a strong claim on your behalf. While monetary compensation likely will not make a survivor whole, it is a first step toward bringing closure to this difficult period of their life. We understand that speaking about abuse is a long process that requires a trusting relationship between law firm and client—we have trained mental health professionals available to help in the process of telling your story.

The ability to bring your claim may depend on the statute of limitation status in the abuse state. Several states have passed legislation that revives the statute of limitations for previously time-barred claims. This legislation generally provides a certain timeframe in which a claim can be filed, we refer to this as an “open-window”. We have our finger on the legislative pulse around the nation to monitor which states have passed or are likely to pass this window legislation.

If you or a loved one were sexually abused as a child by a member of a religious entity, call or email our office for a free consultation now.