February 2020

The Boy Scouts of America filed bankruptcy in February 2020. The bankruptcy filing was admitted to be the consequence of decades of abusive behavior by adult leaders.

The national chair of BSA published an open letter about the bankruptcy.

The letter said the right things:

  • BSA filed for bankruptcy to “equitably compensate victims” who were sexually abused as scouts.
  • Admitted duty of BSA to keep scouts “safe, supported and protected.”


However, many victims believe real reason for bankruptcy is to close the door on every victim that does not come forward.  BSA wants to reduce the amount of damages it must pay.

Anne Andrews, managing lawyer of Andrews & Thornton, is committed to help victims through the process. “I recognize the emotional challenge for victims to come forward.  Victims often have experienced disbelief, blaming, and embarrassment.  It is my conviction to permit claimants to report without stress or conflict.”

Andrews & Thornton are highly experienced at helping people whose rights are thrown into bankruptcy.  The experience can be confusing and stressful. The firm has successfully led damaged claimants to full and fair compensation in bankruptcy.

There will soon be a claim-filing deadline. Now is the time to prepare. (888) 355-1886

Andrew & Thornton are accepting claims. https://abuse-boyscouts.legal-review.com/